Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hawaii Trip - North Shore And Pineapples

We took a drive through the middle of Oahu to go visit the famous North Shore.  We had several missions for the trip.  One, find the sea turtles.  Two, see BIG waves. And finally, go to the Dole Pineapple Plantation.
First stop, not only did we see turtles, but this seal as well!
On to the next objective, find BIG waves.  Since we were in Hawaii in February, the chance for a storm causing large waves was high.  Sure enough, a couple of days after we got there a storm came through.  Hence our trip North.  And big waves there were, and fools out in the water as well.  Besides, the surfers I mean.  The couple shown in the pictures below actually tried to go snorkeling!
See!  I was there too.
This guy did not get swallowed by the waves because the waves were actually a whole lagoon away from us.
Don't know how this mom let those 2 kids go into the water!
This is the actual Bonzai Pipeline beach.  There are surfers in these waves!
The lifeguards told my husband that the waves were 25 feet tall that day.
Off to lunch in Haleiwa Town!
Then, back down through the middle of Oahu to the Dole Plantation.  There are so many varieties of pineapples from all over the world!
Where ya' headed?

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