Saturday, April 14, 2012

Got Bumpers? Knitifacts Stitch Markers

I love a good set of stitch markers, but it seems so difficult to find really charming ones that don't catch in my knitting.  I found Knitifacts at the TNNA and fell in love with these stitch markers and I think you will too.

Happy Stitching!
The company was founded several years ago by Laura Crowley, born from her love of fiber and a rather impressive stash of Venetian beads remaining from her bead import business. With a background in jewelry design and as an experienced knitter, Laura strives to design accessories that are not only beautiful, but fully functional as well. She makes each and every marker herself to ensure quality workmanship.

The Markers: Knitifacts' stitch markers and jewelry are individually handcrafted and feature only the finest quality components including sterling silver, genuine Venetian beads, real Swarovski crystals, and whatever other fun and unusual materials strike Laura's fancy. All ring markers feature closed (solid) rings for both beauty and functionality -- no open jump rings or split rings to catch on fiber, and heavy gauge sterling or copper wire is used for durability. Each set of markers comes packaged in its own clear plastic vial unless otherwise noted.

Process knitter or product knitter? Either way, make the journey count. You spend hours selecting the perfect design, the finest fibers, and creating your finished article. Shouldn't your tools reflect your passion too?

At Knitifacts, form meets function. Beautiful designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and quality materials serve to enhance your stitching pleasure. 

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