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1/11/11 Updates and Offers!

Hello Readers,

Some of this is a repeat of previous blogs, but the offer at the bottom is in effect through 1/11/11, my nephew's birthday!

A Quick Reminder!

If you who have purchased since September 1, 2010, please log in and check your account. Once you are on the “My Account” page, scroll to the bottom.  There you will see a “My Rewards” link.  If you click on that link you will see that you have already received points in the My Rewards program.  You can start redeeming these points now.  Once you redeem them they will be turned in to gift certificates that you can use at any time.  You must redeem a minimum of 100 points.  The point collection program ended at Midnight on December 31st and all points must be redeemed by January 31, 2011.  Please make sure to read the terms and conditions for this program.

What's New?

Why not join the OPYF Fabulous Fiber Club!

I love spinning.  I can spin on my wheel or one of my drop spindles.  I also love fiber.  All different kinds of fiber.  Sheep, goat, alpaca, rabbit, silk, tencel, firestar and whatever else I can get my hands on.  Each month I will dye fiber exclusively for our club.  Each color or colors will be unique and will only be available at One Planet Yarn and Fiber.  The fibers will be different roving or blends each month and will include 5 ounces of roving or drum carded batts. Sometimes there may be more than one color in a box.  Spaces are limited so please make a space for yourself or a friend or family member as soon as possible.

Don't forget our other clubs!

OPYF Superb Sock Club

OPYF Queenie's Motif of the Month Club

OPYF Sensational Scarf Club

What else is new?

New indie artist Serenity Stitches has sent us some wonderful hand dyed yarn and spinning fibers.  Make sure that you take a look!

New Kits from Fleece Artist and OPYF

This kit is from Heritage Designs using Fleece Artist's Mo and Curly Locks.  The picture on the left is from the pattern cover, the picture on the right is ME!  

Favourite Mitt/Sock kit

New kits from Noni Designs

I am putting these kits together myself.  The include the pattern and enough Shepherd's Wool yarn from Stonehedge Fiber Mill to complete the patterns.  Some of the bag patterns include a little bit of the hardware also. I am only showing one pattern in the newsletter.  Other kits are slowly being added as I have the tome to post them.  Please check back often.

1.  11% off all kits until 1/11/11.  Use Coupon Code: January11  This includes Woolpets!

**Important-This coupon cannot be combined with ad coupons you might see. Discounts are  not retroactive.  If you placed an order last week or the week before,  we are sorry, we can't credit you now.  Discounts must be taken at the time of order.  Please do not write us after you placed an order and ask
us to apply a discount.  We are sorry, but we just can't do it.  If you need help, please email us before
you place your order.  In addition, these special offers are only valid for in-stock items.  They are not valid for special orders for new colors or yarns that we might not have in stock yet.  
Excludes spinning wheels, OPYF Clubs and items already listed on the sale page.  Orders placed for unqualified merchandise will be refunded back to you.

Other Important Things

Make sure to visit the "What's New" and the "On Sale" section of the site as I add items here regularly! Join the Facebook Fan Club and be able to chat with other OPYF fans.  Read One Planet Yarn and Fiber Blog about all of the new items that are being added to One Planet all the time -I have many new yarns, fibers, patterns and more from around the world.  Please join the Ravelry group!  If you haven't joined yet, please do and then post an introduction on the thread titled  "Introduce Your Self!".And please join the mailing list for monthly special offers and news!  I send out at least one monthly newsletter with different offers each month. I never share your name or private information. I use it only for the newsletter.

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