Monday, January 24, 2011

Spun Version of the Romney Fleece And A Lot More Fibers!

So the box of Romney fleece from the State Fair arrived in the mail last week and I just had to find an empty bobbin to spin some of it.  It spun like a charm.  Earlier this week I decided to sort all of my fibers to be ready for the Fiber of the Month Club and to eventually just put some of these wonderful fibers up on the website for sale.  The three final boxes of Cotswold lamb went out to the mill for cleaning and carding, but I kept the two first prize winners here and the are soaking in their bath as I write this.  My cup runneth and runneth, and runneth! over with fibers of all types. Romney, Shetland, Cormo, Jacob's, Lincoln, Targhee, BFL, BL, Merino, Corriedale x, CVM lamb, Llama/mohair, Romeldale X, BL/Romney, Cashmere, Tussah silk, Mulberry Silk, Huacaya Alpace, Suri Alpaca, Angora, Mohair, Firestar.  Merino is coming soon.

From the Mill
On the wheel
Double plyed and drying

My old stash and blending fibers
More of my stash
Boxes and boxes of different fibers ready to spin or dye
Bags and bags of fiber waiting for blending, dying, spinning
More stash
View from the other end of the table
Last bags of Cotswold waiting to be divided and shipped
Skippy the Alpaca
Finished dark grey Cotswold Lamb
Finished medium grey Cotswold lamb
Finished lighter grey Cotswold lamb
Finished white Cotswold Ram
Finished Romney ewe
Finished white Shetland
First Prize Cotswold lambs in the bath
I guess it's a good thing I have a sheep dog in the house.  I hope that I have inspired you to get out your wheels and spindles and spin!



Anonymous said...

That Dark Grey Cotswold Lamb looks gorgeous!!! What BFL did you get? (Love me some BFL!!!)

One Planet said...

The dark is wonderful. I have more coming as I shipped the last of it off to be milled along with an entire bag of white.

The 2 BFLs I have are white and medium brown to light brown.