Friday, January 28, 2011

Late January Fleece and Dye Pots

Well, this is what is left of the fleeces from the Arizona State Fair.  These last two Cotswold fleeces where the first place winners.  I washed them earlier this week and they have been drying ever since.  Lots of curls!  Anyone want just curls?

This roving I dyed for the Fiber of the Month Club for January.

And for my next trick, I hand painted some CVM lamb and a bag of roving from my Juniper Moon Farm stash.  It's 50% Cormo, 50% Mohair.

The roving in the front through about three quarters of the way down are all CVM.  The last one is my stash.

The reason why I needed to dye this, rather than spin white and then dye, was because I had received some pre-painted roving last year from Juniper Moon.  I also received the all white.  I wanted more yarn to ply with, so I waited a while and kept learning about dyeing.  You can see the results below.  I think I was able to get pretty close to the colors I wanted to achieve.  The ball of yarn is the single ply I spun last year from the pre-dyed roving.

Closer inspection.

Here are all the rovings, dried and balled up, ready to spin.  Anyone want some?

Happy Spinning!

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