Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mary g - Knitted Gifts

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately about knitted gifts. At this time of year the subject often comes up. Is it worth knitting gifts for non knitters; what kinds of gifts should I knit; how much time and money should I spend on a knitted gifts; will the gift be appreciated?

I know every year I want to knit something for Christmas especially for my family, butvinevitably leave it until the last minute. Of course we are not talking about a hat or scarf.  No, I need to knit sweaters. What has happened in the past is I have actually wrapped up my sweater, in progress, needles poking out of the stitches with a picture of the pattern so they can see what it looks like! Yeah, that goes over well!

I have knitted for non knitters and I tend to agree with other knitters that often they don't appreciate the work that goes into the item. For example, I knitted a pair of complicated fingerless gloves for a friend's birthday. They were made out of a silk blend, had lace across the back of the hand and a ruffle around the wrist. Waste yarn kept a spot for the thumb which was knitted after the rest of the glove was finished. She thanked me gave them barely a second look and threw them back in the gift bag. I suspect they never found their way back out of the bag.

Then there are my knitted hats that are cursed. My oldest daughter has had a number of boyfriends over the past few years. After I get to know the boy I have knitted them a hat as a gift. Inevitably, merely days after she gives them the hand knitted hat, they break up. I've been told not to knit anymore hats for boyfriends.

Finally there is the kind of person that will wear whatever you knit whether you want them to or not. I knitted a model for a store I worked in at one time that was like a ruanna. It was made with very bright yarn knitted in horizontal stripes - alternating solids and self patterning with solid multicolored entrelac accenting the front opening. It went down to the knee and just hung shapeless on the body. Not flattering for anyone.  My mother spotted it in the back of my closet and loved it. Foolishly I gave it to her as a gift. My mother is 5 ft 4inches and this thing hung like a shapeless sack on her teeny frame. It was hideous! Guess what she loves it! Not only that but she wears it to church and proudly tells everyone her very talented daughter made it! Yeah, thanks mom!

What about you? Have you given knitted items as gifts and were they appreciated? I look forward to your stories about knitted gifts.

Mary g

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april said...

#1- a relative asked for a knitted scarf. i knew she loved pink, so i knitted a pink scarf. same scenario you had- she looked at it, thanks, through it back in the bag. we were together for the next 3 days in cold temps....she never wore it.
#2- a friend saw a scarf and mitts that i had knitted for my mom and she requested some. i made her a scarf, mitts, and through in a cute hat....she put them all on immediately and showed them to several people and hugged me.
the lessons i learned: i may still knit for people, i may still take requests, but i will decide who these people are. in other words, not every person requesting a knitted gift is going to get one.i'm going to be the picky one.