Monday, January 10, 2011

Mary g's New Year Resolution

New Years Resolution

I make New Years resolutions every year.  The first one is usually  - this year I WILL lose weight and second I WILL use up my stash and not buy new yarn.

Well, I struggle every day with my weight.   Ok, this year I need to work harder on this issue as my health is starting to concern me.  Is a New Years resolution going to make or break my plan. I doubt it.  In fact, I always feel so guilty when I break my resolution and do I really need to continue to beat myself up?  I don't think so.

But then it comes to using up my stash.  A few weeks ago I went into "my room". In that room I have my stash and a big floor loom. When I quit working in September I decided it would be good to get back into weaving and spinning, so, found the loom - covered by knitting projects and weaving projects done over the past few years.  I have bags of yarn with patterns for projects on my list, plus other bags of projects "on the go" - at least ten projects in that queue.  Then I have yarn set aside for all the classes I teach plus yarn for projects for those classes. I have cabinets, shelves, baskets - you name it - overflowing with yarn.  And, of course this doesnt even cover all those beautiful self striping sock yarns that i had to have when  I was in my sock knitting phase.

I decided to sort through everything and put all the bits and pieces that were not a whole project worth of yarn in garbage bags and maybe give it to goodwill.  I filled up two large garbage bags!  Have I given it away yet?  No, I cant help but feel like I'll find some use for that sparkly, frizzy, lime green eye lash!  Remember the scarf rage from a number of years ago?  What were we thinking?  And yet it still sits there.

In the meantime I keep looking at Handmaiden and Fiber Artist yarns from Canada. I know I can't resist them for a whole year!  And then there are all those great rovings that I have to have to start spinning again. 

New Years resolution?  Good luck with that.

 Ewe Can Knit
Mary g

PS from Karen-Let's Yarnstorm!  You can ship your donations to Cindy if you do not live in Texas.


Lynn said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one with a room like that ... yarn and patterns for all those projects stashed in every nook and cranny! Thank you for easing my 'guilt'!! :-)

One Planet said...

Hi Lynn,
I have that guilt too. Oh, wait! There's another sock yarn I need!